Joseph Allan

Manurewa Local Board

Joseph Allan has served six years on the Manurewa Local Board and is the current Board Chair. Joseph works hard delivering projects like the All Abilities Playground in Weymouth and field improvements at both Mountfort and War Memorial Parks.

His parents, Janet and George Allan, were teachers at Hillpark School in the 70s and 80s. His wife is a nurse and their three children go to local schools. From a musical family Joseph conducts the Manukau Youth Orchestra and Jazz Band providing affordable music tuition in Manurewa.

This year Joseph brought together people representative of our diverse community to form #LoveManurewa. All candidates live in Manurewa. Backgrounds include health care, social services, teaching, volunteer work, government appointments and life experiences. Languages spoken include Samoan, Te Reo, Hindi, Punjabi, and Niue.

It’s time for a change. Vote #LoveManurewa for top class candidates, experience, new energy, people who live in Manurewa and representation reflective of our community.

Joseph Allan

Wiri Licensing Trust

It can be hard for small clubs to obtain funds, no matter how worthy the cause may be. I made my first grant application 30 years ago for saxophones so young children could learn how to play music. And over the past 22 years I have run a local charitable organisation that provides affordable music tuition to Manurewa Youth.

In my time on the Manurewa Local Board, the past six years, I have had the honour to be able to support our hard working local community groups via the board grant rounds. Through the Wiri Trust we can help more of our community and achieve better outcomes for all.

Please vote for Joseph Allan and all #LoveManurewa candidates.

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Authorised by Joseph Allan, 13 Frank Place, Manurewa
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