Angela Cunningham-Marino

Manurewa Local Board

I have lived in Manurewa for 58 years, been a Police Officer 41 years, own a local business and have previously served 12 years in elected public office. I’m well versed and experienced with decision and policy making, and have a proven track record of delivering successful local projects. Community Safety will be my focus ensuring that you and your family feel safe in your own home, streets, work and play.

Manurewa has stagnated and needs a strong voice holding council accountable. Funding needs to be equitable with other suburbs enabling growth and supporting local businesses, youth, elderly, sports groups and infrastructure. Quickly addressing complaints about footpaths, road repairs, graffiti, dogs, noise, rubbish and lawns, is a priority.

We need to prepare Manurewa for the next generation with new vision and determination to get things done, asking the hard questions and finding answers on your behalf. Vote for Change. #LoveManurewa.

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Authorised by Joseph Allan, 13 Frank Place, Manurewa
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